Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Education, Thomas Byrne has called for the publication of specific guidance for student renters over the summer months.

With exam season to end in the coming weeks, thousands of student renter’s face uncertainty on the retrieval of possessions and potential access to accommodation over the summer and more.

Deputy Byrne commented, “The issues which face student specific accommodation are vastly different from those faced by the majority of renters. They require guidance from Government to help them to address the challenges.

“For example, the leases of many students have come to an end or are due to come to an end shortly. Many students left accommodation weeks ago due to campus closures and the need to be close to family.

“Clear guidance needs to be given to students as to whether they are able to collect belongings in these circumstances. Many of them will need to travel out of the current permitted 5km. Providers, both public and private, will also need advice on how the collection of possessions can be organised safely and their responsibilities in cases where students cannot collect items.

“I understand there will be some providers and students who will have already made arrangements but there should be more than just ad-hoc arrangements put in place.

“We also need guidance for international students who remain in Ireland over the summer months and whose leases may be due to end shortly. These students need certainty that they can remain in situ for the duration of the crisis. House hunting over the summer months would raise more issues than staying in place in these conditions,” concluded Deputy Byrne.