Fianna Fail General Election Candidate for Clare, Rita McInerney has called on local people to check in on their elderly neighbours and relatives this winter to ensure that they are keeping well.

Ms. McInerney was commenting as the days have begun to shorten and the temperatures have dropped in the last number of weeks.

“The dark evenings have crept up on us and a full blown winter, with all that it entails, is on the horizon. If you are lucky enough to have a roof over your head and the means to heat your home, take a minute to think about those people who have neither. Our housing crisis transcends the seasons and we must think about those who are dreading the frosty days and nights ahead.

“Some of the most vulnerable of our society are the elderly and I cannot stress enough the importance of looking in on our neighbours and friends to make sure that they have enough fuel and food supplies for the freezing weeks ahead.

“It is not just the practical things they may need; they will also cherish your company and compassion. Loneliness can be a terrible thing, so make sure to check in on them, have a little chat and let them know they are not alone. Bear in mind that you may be the only person to darken their door from one week to the next.

“Unfortunately, winter with its long dark nights, also brings increased opportunities for crime and criminality to thrive. It’s really important that we all remain highly vigilant and keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously. Call the Gardai on 999 or 112 if you do see anything out of the ordinary.

“Look after yourselves and others. When we see the bigger picture everyone is taken care off and our communities become a safer and more secure place to live for everyone,” concluded Mc Inerney.