“It may only be for a few days, but the hot weather can be dangerous to vulnerable people and those living in isolated areas. Don’t forget to call in on your neighbours,” advised Fianna Fáil TD for Cork North West, Aindrias Moynihan.

“Met Éireann are forecasting temperatures approaching 30 degrees centigrade all this week, and while for most of us, it will be a chance to kick back and enjoy the fine weather, for some, it can be dangerous.

“People out working in the fields and elderly people living alone may not take in enough hydration or could be affected by heat stroke.

“It’s important that you check in on your friends and neighbours to make sure they are drinking enough water.

“For yourself, make sure you are wearing a quality, water proof sun cream – it might not seem it, but the sun’s rays this week can cause damage, and we need to protect our skin.

“Additionally, take care to keep an eye on your animals, be they livestock or family pets. Hot weather doesn’t suit them. Make sure they have plenty of fresh, clean water and can access to the outdoors. Don’t leave them locked up in sheds or cars.

“Let’s enjoy the good weather, but let’s also make sure there are no avoidable accidents,” concluded Moynihan.