Fianna Fáil by-election candidate for Dublin Bay South, Deirdre Conroy, has said vacant land throughout the city and empty industrial buildings, must not be left derelict for decades.

The Dublin Bay South by-election candidate commented, “There are many reasons why some properties are left vacant but, we have to be innovative and determined in our provision of housing as a result of the very real crisis we find ourselves in.

“The much-needed Protected Structure legislation was enacted in 2000. This is a provision to avoid demolition of our significant historic property, and to stop poor-quality adaptation including the removal of the original windows, or internally reconstructing historic fabric into bedsits. However, the legislation has all historic property on the same level whether it’s a castle or a cottage.

“As someone who specialises in conservation reports for developments on Protected Structures and Architectural Conservation Areas, I strongly believe that we need an adapted legislation to Grade 1, 2 and 3 in order to regenerate our city and its urban villages.

“Of course, we need to build new houses, but existing empty buildings must be taken on in the meantime, refurbished for affordable rent and adapted for new family homes in this century.’’