Simplistic changes won’t deal with the real challenges facing Ireland

“Minister Canney’s call for the introduction of Term Limits for TDs is simplistic and ignores the real structural changes that are required to make Irish democracy more open, transparent and accountable,” said Fianna Fáil Chief Whip, Michael Moynihan TD.

“I think everyone across the political spectrum is yearning for wholesale reform of how we do business in the Oireachtas, and politics in general.”

“However, arbitrarily, deciding that after 10 years, as Minister Canney has decided, that a person elected by his constituents must give up his or seat, ignores what really needs to happen to ensure that politics works for the people.”

“Of course, we need new people, with new ideas getting involved in politics, but telling them that they must stop after 10 years is populist and counter-productive,” added Moynihan.

“Fianna Fáil’s 2016 General Election Manifesto outlined significant reforms of the Irish political system to ensure that it is fit for purpose, and could acquire the confidence of the Irish people.”

“We support the introduction of a mixed list system, electing TDs through the traditional constituency system and supplementing these TDs with TDs elected via a national list.”

“To ensure that the Government has the best possible experience, Fianna Fail proposed allowing the Taoiseach appoint Ministers of State from outside the Oireachtas.”

“These are real, and tangible changes that will make politics work better for our citizens, and I would hope that Minister Canney would listen to what are saying and support our proposals in Government,” concluded Moynihan.