Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Public Expenditure & Reform Dara Calleary has welcomed the publication of the Public Sector Pay Commission (PSPC) report.

“The establishment of the PSPC was a key achievement of Fianna Fáil in the Confidence and Supply agreement. Unwinding FEMPI on a fiscally sustainable basis has always been a core policy objective of our party and this report reflects that.  It should form the evidence based foundation of upcoming negotiations in unwinding the FEMPI legislation and setting out a viable replacement to the Lansdown Road agreement,” explained Deputy Calleary.

“It is vital that public sector workers and the public who rely on their services benefit from economic growth on a sustainable basis over the coming years and the PSPC report will help achieve that goal.

“The PSPC is clear on the need to ensure that any future pay rises are based within the fiscal rules and limits of the State’s resources. Simply put, the next agreement must be placed on fiscally prudent and sustainable basis. Its considerations on pay equity and the value of pensions, as well as the future of the Pension Related Deduction (pension levy) should form a central part of the negotiation process. The FEMPI legislation should be prudently unwound over the coming years, delivering real benefits to workers and the public alike.

“The government needs to move swiftly towards initiating talks with the unions with a firm goal of achieving a sustainable basis for a strong public service.  The public who use these critical services across such areas as health and education, as well as the diligent staff who work in them, deserve a financially viable agreement.

“Continued progress in delivering public services, evidence based pay changes and setting out a strong foundation for future financing should be the shared goal of all parties going into the negotiations. I hope all parties fully engage in the upcoming process with a view to achieving that objective”, Deputy Calleary concluded.