Senator Thomas Byrne has welcomed the complete reversal of the HSE’s decision to end and then cut back on the provision of SNA support in our County’s preschools.

Byrne paid tribute to the sterling work of the Meath Fight for the Future Campaign over the past year or so.

“A year ago, the HSE told parents and preschool teachers that the SNA service in preschools was coming to an end.  This caused utter devastation and confusion at the time.  Since then they have made things worse by reversing the cut, then implementing a 25% cut from 6 hours per week to 4.5 hours per week.

“The worst thing the HSE did in my view was at one point to ask parents to help them in devising how to cut the service.

“Now, the HSE has formally announced that the 6 hours provisions will go ahead for next year but again they have left a sword of Damocles hanging over the service for the year after.

“I welcome the reversal for next year, but it is clear that a full national strategy is needed in this area” concluded Senator Byrne.