Fianna Fáil TD for Wexford, Malcolm Byrne has said that no amount of spinning from Minister of State D’arcy can take away from the fact that young motorists are being priced off the road, or the fact that special schools are having to beg for bailouts from the Government just to meet the increases in their insurance premiums.

Deputy Byrne was commenting as insurance renewals peak in the month of January and more and more people are finding themselves priced out of the market.

He explained, “Just last week I spoke to one young man, planning on commuting to college due to the extortionate rents in Dublin, yet the quote he received, which purported to be a ‘student first’ car insurance quote was over two thousand euro. It’s a huge financial burden for a young student.

“Special schools are now facing a crisis following the failure of a group insurance scheme for special schools. They are having to use a huge amount of their capitation grant, funding which should be used to provide supports to children and teachers, to cover the cost of insurance.

“It’s not right that money, meant to be spent on educational welfare, is going into the coffers of an industry which has seen premiums jump by 42% in 9 years.

“We are now hearing of creches having to receive Government grants just so they can pay their insurance, restaurants and cafes are asking for the same. Where does this end? Minister D’arcy has been saying for years now that he is dealing with the issue but clearly it’s just getting worse,” concluded Deputy Byrne.