Meath Fianna Fáil Senator Thomas Byrne has today reacted with dismay to comments made by a Government Minister in Seanad Éireann following his tabling of a debate on the proposed Navan Rail Line.
Minister Ciaran Cannon, who was standing in for the Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar, basically told us that it is no longer a priority for this government to have a passenger rail line built from Navan to Dublin.
A review is taking place of all proposed capital projects within the state and until such time as this is completed, a decision on the railway line from Navan to our capital won’t be made.
Senator Byrne commented, “This is fundamentally in opposition to the position of the previous Fianna Fáil government, of which I was a member. We believed and still believe to this day that a railway line from Navan to Dublin will serve local communities and businesses very well by cutting down on commuting times, reducing pollution through a reduction in the number of cars on the road and aid the transport of materials for export via Dublin Port.
“I cannot understand the regressive logic of the new government. It is clear that  this is a significant project in terms of making the North East more competitive and attractive as a business and manufacturing hub.
“We have already seen how beneficial the rail line from Dunboyne to Dublin has been to the local communities. The people of Navan and Dunshaughlin deserve to benefit just as much,” concluded Senator Byrne.