Fianna Fáil Senator Thomas Byrne has today raised the issue of the French and German governments handing down decisions that affect Ireland without any influence from the Irish Government.


Speaking after the debate on the European Financial Stability Facility and Euro Area Loan Facility (Amendment) Bill 2011, Senator Byrne said: “We are being handed down decisions to implement and enact here in the Oireachtas but it is clear that this Government had little or no input into the proposals.


“During the General Election last February, Enda Kenny made great hay out of the fact that he was a Vice President of the European People’s Party; the Euro-group of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and French President, Nicholas Sarkozy.


“The Taoiseach led us to believe that due to his strong relationship via the EPP with Merkel and Sarkozy that a Fine Gael led Government would have the ability to directly influence how our European partners deal with Ireland.


“While we did see reductions in the interest rates being charged on our loans, this is not due to the influence of Enda Kenny but due to the overarching issues affecting the Eurozone as a whole.


“We need our Taoiseach to ensure that Ireland’s interests are kept at the heart of all EU discussions but most of all we need our Taoiseach to follow up on his promises to the people of Ireland,”  concluded Senator Byrne.