Fianna Fáil European Candidate for Ireland South, Malcolm Byrne, has said ignorant comments made by a Fine Gael General Election candidate in relation to the homelessness crisis were symptomatic of the wider Fine Gael attitude to those in homelessness.

Malcolm was commenting following an appearance on the Tonight Show where a Fine Gael General Election candidate said that housing was not the major issue in Co. Wexford and that there was no homelessness crisis in the county. They also questioned the number of people on housing lists who did not accept an offer of accommodation.

Malcolm said, “The comments made last night were completely tone-deaf and showed just how out of touch Fine Gael are when it comes to the homelessness crisis and the provision of housing.

“Just this week we had one of Minister Donohoe’s Advisors claim a UN report, criticising property policies in Ireland, contained many red herrings. Last night we had a Fine Gael General Election candidate say there was no housing issue in Wexford.

“The facts are the facts. There are 10, 264 people without a home in Ireland, 3,784 are children. There are over 3,000 on the housing list in Wexford alone and I have visited many houses in the county where there are two and three families living in cramped unsuitable conditions, sharing bedrooms and kitchen facilities with no private space for the kids to study.

“Fine Gael just don’t get it. Their spin machines believe that a101% increase on child homelessness and 87% increase in family homelessness is acceptable. It’s disgraceful to hear these kinds of remarks from their candidate and it’s time they took their heads out of the sand and had a look around them”, he concluded.