Fianna Fáil TD for Meath East Thomas Byrne has called on Bus Éireann to clarify the cause of bus cancellations in Meath over the last week and to set out what steps are being taken to resolve the issue.

Deputy Byrne said, “Bus Éireann services have been plagued with trouble following the introduction of a new timetable last Monday. Buses have failed to show up and services have been cancelled without notice. The service has experienced a rapid deterioration since the introduction of the timetable changes.

“In recent days, Bus Éireann has announced a list of cancellations at 7am each morning. Commuters have been unable to make changes to their travel plans at such short notice. Some bus services have also been cancelled without any notice whatsoever.

“Many commuters across the county have experienced serious delays and have been left frustrated as a result of the recent cancellations. Students from Meath have missed lectures in DCU and other universities because the bus they usually use has been delayed or cancelled entirely. Other service users who have contacted me in recent days have had to cancel important hospital appointments because of the various cancellations and delays.

“I have been speaking with a Senior Manager in Bus Éireann who informed me that new drivers have been hired in an attempt to solve the ongoing crisis. While the reductions may have decreased slightly since last week, there is still a huge amount of commuters who are being severely affected on a daily basis.

“Meath commuters need a reliable timetable as many are completely dependent on Bus Éireann to bring them to work. Bus Éireann management need to explain things and sort them out. Commuters cannot put up with this for much longer. If the timetable is not workable, then changes need to be made. Meath commuters need certainty – the current situation simply isn’t acceptable,” concluded Deputy Byrne.