Fianna Fáil TD for Cavan-Monaghan Brendan Smith says the latest figures on income levels make for worrying reading for people living in the Border region.  The CSO stats reveal that disposable incomes in Cavan and Monaghan are running well behind the national average of €19,178, and is further proof of the two-tier recovery being perpetrated by Fine Gael.

Deputy Smith commented, “These figures give credence to the concerns, which many people living in this region have been expressing for some time.  The majority of the well paid jobs are still in Dublin and the commuter areas, and regions like the border and midlands are continuing to lose out.

“Counties like Cavan and Monaghan are lagging far behind other parts of the country – Fine Gael has failed to advocate for the border area, with a lack of investment and infrastructure now extremely evident.  These figures simply confirm the stark contrast between disposable income for people in this region compared to the national average.

“Income levels in Cavan and Monaghan remain well below 2006 levels and are nowhere near the average for Dublin.  In fact, they’re 12% and 15% below the national average.  For all the Government’s talk of an economic recovery, it’s clear that any upturn is skewed towards Dublin, and rural Ireland and the Border are now in a very precarious situation.

“This is a very worrying trend and these statistics must act as a wake-up call for this Government.  It cannot continue to ignore this region.  The fallout from Brexit will only compound the situation along the Border as retailers, farmers and businesses struggle with the realities of a post-EU Britain and Northern Ireland. We need to see a comprehensive strategy put in place to boost economic investment and growth in the Border counties to ensure a regionally balanced and fairer recovery”.