MEP Gallagher welcomes Iceland’s progress towards EU Membership

Published on: 14 March 2012

MEP Pat the Cope Gallagher, the Chairman of EU-Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee today welcomed the adoption of the 2011 Enlargement Report on Iceland.
Mr. Gallagher was speaking in Strasbourg today. He said “I welcome the progress made to date by the Icelandic and EU negotiators. The opening of 11 chapters of accession, with the provisional closure of 8 chapters is indicative of the close relationship, which exists between both sides.”
“I firmly believe that the accession of Iceland will be a positive and important development for the EU and for Iceland. However, ultimately, the decision to join will rest with the people of Iceland themselves, following the conclusion of the talks.”
“Since the beginning of negotiations, the European Parliament has forged closer and stronger links with members of the Althingi, the national Parliament of Iceland. I will lead a delegation from the European Parliament to Reykjavik on the 2nd to the 4th of April for the fourth meeting of the EU Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee.”
“I tabled an amendment to today’s report on the ongoing mackerel dispute jointly with the rapporteur, Mr. Preda and Mr. Färm from the Socialist Group. The failure of the Coastal States to reach an agreement on the shared mackerel fishery is unacceptable.”
“The sustainability of the stock is under threat. I am pleased that the Parliament fully supported my amendment, which calls for a renewed effort to reach an agreement and notes the decision of the Commission to bring forward new trade measures so as to combat unsustainable fishing practices.”

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