Fianna Fáil Spokesperson for National Drug Policy and TD for Dublin Mid-West, John Curran has called on the Minister for Justice to make more garda resources available to tackle on-street public drug dealing.

Deputy Curran said, “I am calling on the Minister for Justice to put in place an operation to thwart and put to an end to the very public face of on-street drug dealing. It has become a norm in certain areas. People are fearful and are avoiding certain parts of the city because on-street drug dealing has become so prevalent.

“It is causing serious disruption to businesses in certain areas, with some having to re-locate such is the extent of the problem. Previously, there was Operation Pier which focused along the Aston Quay area and what I am asking the Minister is to consider another similar operation in a bid to tackle this growing issue”.

Deputy Curran called on the Minister for Justice to ensure that Gardaí are better resourced to deal with drug dealing issues, around the city centre.

“I think the Minister and the Garda Commissioner need to work together to establish a new targeted operation to tackle this issue, sooner rather than later.

“There was a time when drug-dealing might have taken place in side streets and laneways and alleyways. There are parts of Dublin city today where it is prevalent on very public thoroughfares; it’s very visible and very public,” concluded Deputy Curran.