Fianna Fáil Dublin North West General Election candidate, Cllr Paul McAuliffe has said that Dublin City Council must provide every support necessary to the company at the centre of the repair work which needs to be undertaken on the Metro Hotel, Ballymun.

Cllr McAuliffe commented, “Following the blaze which engulfed the premises in March, it is deeply upsetting that the hotel’s management felt they had no other alternative but to lay off the staff employed, manyof which lived locally.

“I am fearful that the hotel could potentially be left idle for longer than the 12 months which have been planned for remedial works to be carried out. This premises is a landmark building in Ballymun and should it be left go into disrepair, it would be a scar on the otherwise improving landscape in our area.

“Another concern held locally is that should any difficulties or major delays arise in fully repairing the building, its current derelict state would be a barrier to attracting broader investment in the 31 development sites set out in the Ballymun Local Area Plan.

“I will be urging the Chief Executive of DCC, Owen Keegan to engage with the developers contracted to take on the repair works to ensure that there is no unnecessary delay in re-opening the hotel and the residential apartments which are badly needed in Ballymun.

“We must offer every support we can to re-secure the local jobs lost and make sure that the closure is temporary and that it will not exceed the 12 months planned.

The Ballymun based Councillor concluded, “The Metro Hotel has been an important part of the community for more than a decade and we all look forward to it being back in full operation as soon as possible.”