Fianna Fáil Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Darragh O’Brien TD has said that the deepening crisis in Venezuela is not just an example of the failings of a socialist revolution but a crisis of new proportions.

In some of the latest developments in recent days, Venezulea’s Chief State Prosecutor for over a decade, Luisa Ortega was ousted from her position by current president Nicolás Maduro. Luisa is a vocal critic of the regime and strongly denounces what she deems serious violations of basic human rights under his increasingly authoritarian rule.

Commenting on the status quo, O’Brien said, “For some years now, leaders around the world have decried the erosion of Venezuela’s democracy, particularly under the strict rule of Maduro.

“But this is not only an escalating political crisis; this is a crisis that is causing starvation, chronic disease and migration.

“More than 120 people, mostly adolescents, have been killed in the daily anti-government protests over the past three months alone. How many more must die for the international community to take concerted action?

He added, “As Maduro’s autocratic government moves swiftly to consolidate power he has precipitated an economic collapse, corruption and a rigorous campaign to deny civil liberties.

“Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan’s are fleeing to neighbouring Latin American countries in a bid to gain safety and asylum. Nearby countries such as Columbia are likely to face a migrant crisis while struggling with its own abject poverty following years of civil war.

“This is a worsening situation that requires swift and decisive action to ease repression; we can no longer ignore the current instability and humanitarian crisis.

“The Maduro regime must be put under significant pressure to allow humanitarian aid into the country. Food, medicine and other critical supplies must no longer be blocked from entering the country.

“We must exert pressure to push for a reasonable solution through dialogue and incentive to provide relief for the millions of people suffering at the hands of a dictator.

“International economic and diplomatic pressure must play an effective role in stabilising the humanitarian plight of an entire nation,” concluded Deputy O’Brien.