The Maduro regime has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the people of the Venezuela, and amongst the international community,” says Fianna Fáil’s Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Niall Collins.

Collins added, “It is now abundantly clear that the game is close to being up for Maduro following the withdrawal of recognition by the United States government. The US administration has gotten many things wrong in the past two years, but this is the right move, and one Fianna Fáil supports.

“The rest of the international community, including Ireland and the EU, must give serious consideration to following suit.

“The myriad crises in Venezuela are now full blown emergencies. Thousands of Venezuelans are fleeing the country on a weekly basis, many to counties such as Ireland.

“Despite having the largest proven oil reserves in the world, Venezuela is in the midst of a major humanitarian crisis. The Maduro regime has inflicted an authoritarian form of socialism on the economy that has led to:

  • Hundreds of infants dying from starvation;
  • Annual inflation of 13,000%
  • 1 million citizens fleeing the country

“Yet the Maduro apologists in Sinn Féin still deny that there is a problem, and still attempt to give his cruel administration legitimacy.

“Sinn Féin on a daily basis claims to be the party most vociferous in their defence of human rights, but where are they when it comes to the blatant human rights abuses in Venezuela? Like so many times before, when a hard decision needs to be taken, Sinn Féin runs for the hills.

“Last year, Sinn Féin public representatives gave cover to the Constituent Assembly elections designed to bypass the democratically elected National Assembly which had an anti-Maduro majority. When will Sinn Féin’s double speak on human rights and democracy end?

“The people of Venezuela deserve a proper, democratic and accountable government. The European Union, together with the wider international community, must give serious consideration to withdrawing official recognition of Nicolas Maduro. He does not have the support of the people of Venezuela. The only support he can truly rely on are his communist allies and the Sinn Féin organisation here in Ireland.” concluded Collins.