Fianna Fáil Health Spokesperson, Billy Kelleher has said that the decision of the HSE not to have a formal presence at last weekend’s health sector jobs fare in the RDS, Dublin raises questions about the approach that they and the Department of Health are taking in relation to retaining Irish-trained medical, nursing and allied health professionals.

“I just don’t understand the HSE’s logic. This is a major event in the health calendar every year, and the HSE should be there making its case to doctors, nurses and therapists that their futures lie in Ireland, and not overseas.”

“Many of Ireland’s health problems stem from not having the right staff to perform the services that are needed by patients.”

“Of course, funding is an issue, but there are countless cases where hospitals, which have the funding, cannot recruit or retain the staff they need.”

“Listening to healthcare professionals it is clear that some of the main causes of why they leave Ireland have nothing to do with salaries or pay

“Fixing these issues will ensure that doctors and nurses want to stay in Ireland, and work in Irish hospitals.”

“The HSE, and the Department of Health, should prioritise retaining existing HSE staff, by implemented targeted recruitment drives, and ensuring that those in training feel that their position is respected in the system,” concluded Kelleher.