Following today’s collapse in the case against Sean Fitzpatrick and the comments of the presiding judge, Fianna Fáil Jobs Spokesperson Niall Collins has said that fundamental questions arise for the ODCE and has called for a statement from the Minister.

Deputy Collins commented “I find it incredible that a statutory body such as the ODCE can receive such severe criticism in the High Court without there being very serious consequences”.

“Minister Mary Mitchell O Connor and her department officials need to review what the Judge has said about the ODCE lacking objectivity and reflect on it. They also need to reflect on the fact that important documents were shredded by this organisation. The Minister must summon the CEO of the ODCE to her offices without any further delay and demand a full explanation for what has happened at the organisation.

“There also has to be accountability. Not just because of the organisation’s behaviour in this case, but also because it is the ODCE which is the body charged by the government and the public with ensuring that there is corporate responsibility in all Irish companies.

“This whole debacle has nothing to do with staff shortages or lack of funding. It is completely unacceptable and indefensible and cannot go unanswered. Fundamental questions have been raised for the ODCE and the Minister must make a statement to the Dáil immediately and outline the actions she is now taking following what has transpired.”