Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Timmy Dooley has said that it is simply inconceivable that An Post, despite promoting the use of Eircodes, do not make use of them when delivering post.

Deputy Dooley made the comments after receiving a complaint from a person who had a confidential letter delivered incorrectly to his neighbour despite his correct Eircode being marked on the envelope.

“This person was told by an official customer service representative of An Post that the company ‘does not make use of Eircode when delivering post.’

“How is it that the State has spent €38 million on developing, rolling out and advertising Eircode that the State’s own postal delivery service doesn’t bother to use it?

“What’s worse is that An Post franks post going through their system with the message ‘Remember to use your Eircode’, yet still thinks it’s acceptable to not make use of it when delivering post.

“The mind boggles at the complete lack of joined up thinking at Minister Naughten’s Department.

“One of the main purposes of a Government Department, to my mind anyway, is to ensure that all agencies and activities under the aegis of the Department work together, share information and sing off the same hymn sheet.

“Minister Naughten must clarify if this is the case, and if true, why has he not directed the company to make use of Eircode.

“There is no point spending nearly €40 million in designing and advertising a scheme such as Eircode and then not using it properly. I really hope that this is a case of miscommunication rather than a failure to implement government policy,” concluded Dooley.