Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Tourism and Aviation Cathal Crowe is calling for a swift and satisfactory resolution to the ongoing Irish Aviation Authority dispute.

The industrial relations dispute has seen workers allege poor treatment of staff and inadequate cover due to roster changes – IAA management refutes the claims.

“Over the past fortnight, I have been inundated with emails from IAA workers,” said Deputy Crowe.

“They have contacted me about a number of concerns they have in terms of industrial relation matters and operational issues within their company.

“I have brought their attention to senior management within the IAA and also discussed the matter with Oireachtas colleagues.

“The IAA has an internal disputes mechanism called the Internal Dispute Resolution Board and whilst there is always merit to ironing out industrial relation issues through internal mechanisms, the fact that this dispute is now playing out on national papers and is pretty much in the public domain, I think it’s important that there’s some element of political oversight to what is going on.

“I have written to Minister Eamon Ryan asking that he and his department officials would engage directly on the matter and I also believe there’s scope for an independent mediator to be involved.

“Many industrial relations disputes happen on factory floors but the IAA is quite a different entity in that it’s very specialised work and anybody who takes to the skies depends on their skilled air traffic controllers to get them safely in the air.

“For this reason, I think it’s important that Minister Ryan and any third party that can help to bring this to a swift end would intervene as quickly as possible.

“We certainly don’t want a protracted dispute between workers and employers.

“The IAA is a hugely valued company with a major staff presence in my own constituency of Clare and whilst ordinarily politicians don’t get drawn in on industrial relations disputes, it is important in the public interest that this matter is resolved quickly and in a manner satisfactory to everyone.”