Fianna Fáil Seanad Group Leader, Senator Catherine Ardagh says the lack of regulations enforced on professional Airbnb listers is contributing to the steady decline in available long-term rental accommodation in Dublin.

Research carried out by leading property website has found that a growing number of landlords in the city are choosing to let their properties to tourists rather than long-term tenants.

The Senator raised the matter during Order of Business in Seanad Éireann earlier today.

She said, “The housing situation in the city is a peculiar one in that we have tourists staying in residential accommodation while Ireland’s homeless people are living in hotels.

“Dublin City Council spent close to €100 million on emergency accommodation last year. Some city centre hotels were paid over €4 million euro to provide rooms for those in need of somewhere to live.

“As of yesterday, there were just 1,258 long-term rental properties available in Dublin via the website There are over 200 more homes available to let from professional listers on Airbnb.

“Not only is this taking much needed units out of rental market, the practice of renting a property to tourists tends to create hassle and disturbance for locals in the vicinity of Airbnb’s popular with those visiting the city for extended periods.

“Airbnb is an issue in the Capital but really the core problem is the sheer lack of rental units available to those hoping to settle and live in Dublin. It is easy to remedy the poor rental situation by delivering new housing supply.

“This Government has an opportunity to examine our party’s proposals to regulate this dubious behaviour by adopting a 90 day limit on short term Airbnb lettings.

She concluded, “Despite our Bill having been introduced in the Oireachtas and the problems it aims to fix being repeatedly highlighted – no legislative action has been taken to sort the problem of short term letting platforms.”