• Minister Byrne encourages people to look to Europe for career opportunities.
  • Ireland is facing a ‘demographic cliff’ as many Irish officials will soon retire.
  • EU job opportunities are listed on the Department of Foreign Affairs website.

On Thursday 6 May, Minister of State for European Affairs, Thomas Byrne T.D. launches “A Career for EU”, Ireland’s Strategy to increase Irish representation in the European Union’s Institutions and Agencies.

The new strategy aims to significantly increase the numbers of Irish officials in both permanent and temporary positions within the EU Institutions, to increase the number of Irish people applying for jobs in the EU institutions, while improving awareness of EU careers in Ireland across all sectors. It will also result in improved and targeted supports to Irish candidates who are preparing for an EU jobs competition.

The Minister said: “I am delighted to launch this important strategy and to realise a key Programme for Government commitment. A Career for EU sets out the measures we will take to make sure Ireland maintains its influence within the EU’s institutions for years to come.

Some of the jobs available include, Lawyer Linguists, Pharmacists in the EMA and Animal Welfare Officers to name but a few.

We want to ensure Irish citizens continue to serve in the EU institutions. By doing so, we will remain at the heart of Europe, shaping the future of our shared Union.”

“A Career for EU” comes at a time when Ireland faces a so-called ‘demographic cliff’ in its representation among the staff of the EU’s institutions, as many senior Irish officials will soon retire.  While at present Ireland is adequately represented across the EU institutions’ staffing body, it has fewer officials at the entry and mid-management levels than should otherwise be the case.

Those interested in reading the strategy and learning more about the supports provided to Irish candidates for EU roles can find out more at: www.dfa.ie/eujobs