Fianna Fail MEP for Dublin, Barry Andrews, has today welcomed the findings of the annual European Movement survey on sentiment in Ireland.

MEP Andrews said that any attempt to nationalise supply chains and particularly the manufacture of medical components and pharmaceutical supplies will result in additional unnecessary costs.

“I am strongly of the view that trade will help in the recovery particularly for an open trading economy like Ireland but that we have a unique opportunity to craft new sustainable trade rules that fit with the Green Deal priorities.”

“Undoubtedly, the fall in support for membership should be a wake-up call for the EU Council in formulating a comprehensive Recovery and Reconstruction plan and an ambitious Multi-annual Financial Framework.

“However, we need to fight against protectionist measures which are popular at home but ultimately self-defeating. Today’s survey results will provide encouragement for future ambitious trade deals. The WTO’s worst case scenario suggests a 32% drop in international trade.”

“Trade entered the crisis in a weakened state because of US policy, challenges to the WTO and challenges to globalisation. The impact of falling trade together with falling commodity prices and falling remittances will be even greater for emerging economies,” concluded MEP Andrews.