Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Environment and Local Government Barry Cowen TD has reacted to the publication of Irish Water’s strategic services plan by saying the 25 year roadmap is an imaginative work of fiction.

Deputy Cowen commented, “Following on from the false promise of a €5.5bn investment up to 2021 outlined last month this 25 year plan offers no real vision for the future of water services in Ireland. It is clearly based on inaccurate projections and refuses to recognise the failure to pass the Eurostat test.

“The 2040 objectives set out in this plan are based on a fundamental flaw. The Government has refused to recognise that Irish Water can no longer borrow independently on the open market following its failure to pass the Eurostat test. This plan is based on the false assumption that Irish Water can borrow independently.

“Investment levels under this government have slipped way behind the €550m per annum invested by Fianna Fáil from 2000-2010. Less than €400m will be invested this year in water services infrastructure.

“What is needed now is to draw the line under the Irish Water fiasco. We need to abolish Irish Water and scrap water charges. Our water services are too important to be left with a failed entity. We need a real plan founded on a clear financial framework not yet another bloated work of fiction by a government that refuses to recognise its mistakes.”