The Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement’s report on a United Ireland will be launched on Wednesday, 2nd August at 11am in Leinster House.

Senator Mark Daly, a Fianna Fáil member of the Committee, served as Rapporteur for the report which received all-party support when first published.

“The report looks at the impact of Brexit on Ireland and what needs to happen in order to peacefully achieve a United Ireland.

“There is significant support in Ireland in favour of a United Ireland with some polls showing support in excess of 80%.

“The report, Brexit and the Future of Ireland: Uniting Ireland & its People in Peace & Prosperity, was ratified by the all-party committee on July 13th and outlines in detail the options for the island of Ireland in the wake of Brexit.

“This step forward is only the start. We all need to do more to bring about a United Ireland through active consent. That process starts now.

“Of the 17 recommendations by the committee one of the key ones is the need to establish a New Ireland Forum 2 to set a pathway to achieve the peaceful unification of Ireland.

“This forum, in addition to hearing from those in favour of unity, must include Unionist voices and perspectives,” concluded Daly.