Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Jobs and Enterprise Dara Calleary has said that Fianna Fáil continues to put forward innovative policies to encourage and incentivise job creation.

Deputy Calleary said: “We have a proud history of promoting pro-enterprise policies that will increase employment in the domestic economy. A series of strong job creation measures will be outlined in our forthcoming general election manifesto.

“Among the measures, Fianna Fáil will introduce a business advice voucher scheme open to 5,000 entrepreneurs initially in the start-up stage, who require finance to support their enterprise in scaling up.

“Such vouchers, worth €2,500 each, would assist entrepreneurs in managing and growing their business. Good financial acumen is vital to the success of any enterprise. Otherwise, a business will fail at the very first stage.

“Such voucher provision would assist an entrepreneur in availing of a local business advisor, establishing if business plan targets are being met, while reviewing business performance regularly.

“This business advice voucher scheme will also enable new entrepreneurs to begin developing the essential financial management acumen required to drive the business forward and scale up.

“Fianna Fáil is pro enterprise and pro job creation. Throughout our time in opposition, we have set out credible policies to incentivise enterprise start-ups and promote entrepreneurism.

“At the heart of our policy proposals are detailed measures to reward SME’s and low income self-employed persons who create employment.

“Some of the key measures include:
– Extending social protection supports to the self-employed;
– Establish a fully licensed state enterprise bank to provide credit directly to SMEs;
– Make commercial rates work for business by revamping the current system;
– Provide progressive relief from employers’ PRSI for job creation;
– Enable SMEs access a greater share of public procurement tenders;
– Promoting entrepreneurship and developing skill focused apprenticeships.

“Our detailed proposals will incentivise small business start-ups and spur domestic job creation, provide direct accessible SME funding sources, promote entrepreneurism and remove any disproportionate regulatory burdens,” concluded Deputy Calleary.