Fianna Fáil Councillor Paul Foley has secured agreement from South Dublin County Council to consider extending the opening hours of Tymon Park.

The local Councillor put a motion before the Council calling for Tymon Park to be opened earlier in the morning. It currently opens at 10.00am, which Cllr Foley says is far too restrictive in terms of local use.

“At the moment, people living in Templeogue and Tallaght can’t access Tymon Park before 10.00am.  It means that anyone who wants to go for a morning jog, a walk or cycle cannot use this excellent community amenity.  Given that many people take their outdoor exercise in the morning, it makes no sense whatsoever to leave the park closed until after 10am,” the Fianna Fáil Councillor said.

“I put a motion before South Dublin County Council asking that the gate be opened earlier in the morning in the interests of facilitating an active and healthy community.  The Council has replied to me saying that the park rangers do not come on duty until 10am so cannot open the gates before then.  As an alternative, the Council is considering the option of electronic gates that would allow people to access the park at an earlier time.

“This week is South Dublin County Council’s Health and Wellbeing week (14-19 September) and I believe it is the perfect opportunity for us to do what we can to encourage the use of our local amenities for exercise and leisure activities.  I will be pursuing the Council on this.  If we have a fantastic amenity on our doorsteps, it’s only right that we maximise its use.  Allowing access to Tymon Park in the morning is just one small step we can take to foster a healthy and active local community.”