It has emerged that a number of homeless people were kicked out of temporary accommodation in Dublin this week after the credit card used by the local authorities to secure temporary accommodation maxed out.

Fianna Fáil has received reports that the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive could not book or extend temporary accommodation for homeless people for two days this week as their credit card had reached its limit.

Dublin West Cllr Jack Chambers was contacted by one woman who was forced to sleep in an industrial estate with her three children last night as a result.

The Homeless Executive, which processes all homeless accommodation requests on behalf of the four local authorities in Dublin, confirmed to Cllr Chambers that their credit card was maxed out for two days.

“I’m actually speechless. This is an extremely disturbing development in Dublin’s spiralling homeless crisis. Homeless families were literally turfed out onto the streets this week because the funds were not there to provide temporary accommodation. The fact that a woman and her young children were forced to sleep rough in an industrial estate last night is a damning indictment of the Government’s attitude to the homelessness crisis,” the Dublin West candidate said.

“This is the first glaring sign of a serious funding shortage in homeless services in the capital. While it may have been a temporary issue on this occasion, even two days of driving homeless families out of safe accommodation and onto the streets is far too long. I am genuinely fearful that this is a sign of things to come. We already know that the Government has left Dublin City Council €18.5m short in homeless funding this year. This will have a ripple effect right across the capital. Unless it is addressed, more and more families will be forced to sleep rough.

“We need to hear from the Environment Minister Alan Kelly right now. Where is he while Dublin’s homeless services descend into further chaos? The fact that something as banal as an individual credit card reaching its limit is all it takes for a homeless family to be thrown out on the street, will come as a shock to a great many people and illustrates just how vulnerable those on the margins have become over the last few years. What steps has the Minister taken to ensure that this does not happen again? And what is he doing to address the massive shortfall in homeless funding in Dublin?”