Liam Aylward MEP: One year on from the implementation deadline and the 116000 Missing Child Number is still not fully operational in Ireland

A half implemented service could potentially put children’s lives at risk



Each year May 25th is marked as the International Day of Missing Children and it was also the deadline for implementation for the 116000 missing child number in 2011. 

While progress has been made by COMREG in allocating the licence to operate the Hotline to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, it is still not up and running fully in Ireland, one year after the deadline.

Speaking from the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Ireland East MEP has called on the Irish Government to deliver this service without further delay as the uncertainty over its existence and operability is causing confusion among parents.

“The aim of the 116000 number is to have the simplest and most effective means to help parents and children in a traumatic situation.”

“The service has been allocated to the ISPCC, but it is not clear if this number can yet be used by parents.  A half implemented service could potentially put children’s lives at risk and Member States, the Commission and the organisations involved must work together to get this important service into operation.”

“I have raised this issue with the European Commission on several occasions, and while they are supportive, it is clear that the responsibility for getting this important service up and running rests with the Irish authorities.  The confusion around the use of this service must not be allowed to continue and the 116000 number must become operational without further delay.”