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The Fianna Fáil Women’s Network campaigns for gender equality and the promotion of women´s rights at a national level. All women members of the Party are automatically members of the Women’s Network. The Network has its own Officer Board which is elected by full voting members of the Network. The role of the Officer Board is to guide the work of the Network, to influence Party policy and to promote the involvement of women within the overall organisation.


Women’s Network Executive

The work of the Fianna Fáil Women’s Network is driven by the executive with the assistance of the Party’s Women’s & Equality Officer.

Meet the team

President – Laura Reid
Secretary – Uruemu Adejinmi
Membership & Recruitment Director – Maria Buckley
Campaigns & Policy Director – Madeleine Thornton
Events Director – Elaine Dold
Social Media Officer – Sorcha Ní Chonghaile
Parliamentary Party Liaison – Senator Fiona O’Loughlin

What We Do

The work of the Fianna Fáil Women’s Network is multi-faceted:


Organise national and regional networking events and specific annual events for Women’s Day.

Policy and Campaigns

The Fianna Fáil Women’s Network runs policy conferences to ensure that the female voice and ideas are central to all Party policy. The group regularly communicates with the Parliamentary Party to promote the female policy position at national level.

Exchange Ideas

Give women an opportunity to come together to exchange views, discuss common concerns and develop supportive networks within the party.


Support the constituency units of the party in organising specific women focused events.


Encourage women to put themselves forward for leadership positions within the general party organization and for selection as area representatives and election candidates.

Grow The Party

Help to attract new female members.

Take An Active Role

Encourage women to be actively involved in the mainstream party structures and not just in the Women’s Network.

Network With Regional Groups

Foster links with other national and regional groups that have significant numbers of female members and activists.

Training & Development

Work with party staff to ensure that training is provided for aspirant and selected female candidates and area representatives.

Be Campaign-Ready

Help female candidates to build their campaign teams.

Network Within Europe

Interact with the women’s networks in our ALDE sister parties across Europe.

Network With External Organisations

Play a strong role in organisations aimed at securing greater female participation in political life.

The Membership and Structure of the Network

All female members of the party are automatically members of the Women’s Network. The Women’s Network will be run by the executive.

While the National Women’s Network will provide significant extra supports for women, the promotion of gender equality is the responsibility of all units of the organisation. All units must play their part in securing greater equality and not leave it to the Women’s Network.

Every CDC should run at least one event each year aimed at female members. It should also avail of the opportunity to invite non-members, such as women involved in local community groups, to attend such events.

The National Women’s Network will provide advice to CDCs on running events aimed at women. The National Women’s Network will also run regular regional and national events.

Would you like to get involved or start a Fianna Fáil Women’s Network in your area?

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Twitter: @FFWomensNetwork

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