Barry Cowen, Spokesperson on Environment and Local Government

Barry Cowen

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Grand Canal House

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Co. Offaly

Tel: 057 9321976
Fax: 057 9321910

Email: barry.cowen@oireachtas.ie


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Personal Details

Barry is married to Mary and has four children Gemma, Lorcan, Eoin, and Aoibhe. He works as an auctioneer and valuer.

Local News

Dáil debate on water charges requires full detail on costs – FF

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Environment Barry Cowen has called on the Government to present detailed and specific figures on the costs associated with the administration of water charges. Deputy Cowen said the Government is engaged in a “sham debate in the Dáil over water charges because information on costs is still not know or are being kept secret.” Read More | Share

Row over PPS numbers further evidence of Irish Water arrogance - Cowen

Fianna Fáil Environment spokesperson Barry Cowen has responded to revelations in this morning's media about the extraordinary interactions between Irish Water and the Department of Social Protection when Irish Water sought to force the handover of personal details from the Department, including PPS numbers. Read More | Share

Govt needs to take notice of distrust and frustration at Irish Water debacle – Cowen

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Environment Barry Cowen has said the Government is failing to listen to the genuine concerns and frustrations among the public about the creation of Irish Water and the imposition of water charges next year. Read More | Share

Government’s Irish Water policy shambles continues – Cowen

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on the Environment Barry Cowen has said that the government’s mishandling of the water policy continues to be a complete shambles. Commenting on the fact that the new Water Services Bill 2014 was taken away from TDs post boxes by the government this morning, Deputy Cowen stated that this continues to be a complete “omnishambles” by the government. Read More | Share

Fianna Fáil endorses Archbishop’s call for emergency public summit on homelessness

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Environment Barry Cowen has welcomed the comments of the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin who has called for a public summit on the homelessness crisis following the death of a man close to the Dáil. Read More | Share

Tragic death on the footsteps of Leinster House a sharp reminder of plight of homeless – Cowen

Responding to the tragic death of a homeless man on Molesworth Street across the road from Leinster House Fianna Fáil Environment Spokesperson Barry Cowen commented that “I want to express my sympathy on the passing of a homeless man this morning outside Leinster House. Dying on the streets is not a dignified and proper way for anyone to pass away. Happening in the shadow of the national parliament it is a sharp reminder of the scale of the problem we face as a country. Read More | Share

Government continues to cook the books of Irish Water – Cowen

In a reply to a parliamentary question asked by Fianna Fáil Environment Spokesperson Barry Cowen the Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly has confirmed that €60m will be taken from the local government fund to pay Irish Water’s commercial rates. Read More | Share

€108m Overrun on Water Meters Supports Case for Irish Water Investigation - FF

Fianna Fáil Environment Spokesperson Barry Cowen TD has reacted to emerging news that the cost of installing water meters will be at least €108m more than was estimated by the Department shortly before contracts were signed with the water meter supplier. The information was uncovered by RTÉ’s This Week programme. Read More | Share

Tánaiste’s Prime Time interview insults public’s intelligence - FF

Fianna Fáil Environment spokesperson Barry Cowen TD has outlined a series of misleading claims made by the Tánaiste during a Prime Time interview in which she sought to deflect attention from the fiasco of the Government’s handling of water charges. Read More | Share

Latest Government U-Turns Prove Monumental Mistake of Irish Water – FF

Fianna Fáil has responded to the emerging details of the Government’s water survival strategy. Media briefings have suggested a range of measures aimed at addressing the public’s anger about the farce that the Government have presided over with the creation of Irish Water. These measures are reported to include effectively moth-balling the €500 million metering programme, abandoning plans for additional investment in the water infrastructure and a huge new bureaucratic role for the Department of Social Protection administering a bizarre €180 million ‘cash rebate’ scheme. Read More | Share

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Political Record

Appointed Frontbench Spokesperson on Environment and Local Government, July 2012

Appointed Frontbench Spokesperson on Social Protection, March 2011

Member of Offaly Co. Co. 1991 - 2011

Chairman of Offaly Co. Co. 2000 - 2001

Member of Offaly VEC

Chairperson of Offaly VEC 2002 - 2003

Member of Co. Offaly Enterprise Board

Member of the Board of Management of Ard Scoil Chiráin, Clara

Member of G.A.A.