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Fianna Fáil is committed to the peaceful re-unification of the island of Ireland as a single political entity.

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Fianna Fáil is committed to the peaceful re-unification of the island of Ireland as a single political entity.

This is a core, founding goal of our party and remains at the heart of our policy. This must involve the consensual vote of all people on the island and be based on clear credible policies not simplistic catchphrases.

The Good Friday Agreement remains a proud achievement of the party. The indifference and neglect of Fine Gael to Northern Ireland and reckless irresponsibility of Sinn Féin have caused a crisis in the institutions.

Fianna Fail is committed to renewing and re-capturing the immense potential of the Good Friday Agreement and working towards re-unification.

Protecting The Good Friday Agreement

The collapse of the Northern Executive in January 2017 was a deeply disappointing failure of political leadership by the DUP and Sinn Féin. The peace potential that the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) was founded upon is being lost by the zero sum politics approach by sectarian political parties. Furthermore certain Brexiteers have sought to actively undermine the agreement.

The GFA is an international treaty that must be upheld in full. Fianna Fáil will work to re-energise the institutions and North South bodies to ensure that it is a fully functioning agreement that continues to act as the cornerstone of peace in Ireland.

Addressing Brexit

Brexit represents a major threat to the peace and prosperity of Northern Ireland. The collapse of the Executive and lack of an anti-Brexit voice on behalf of Northern Ireland in Westminster is deeply disappointing. Fianna Fáil will fight for the rights of Northern Ireland citizens to avail of EU citizenship, maintain critical EU funding and work to avoid a hard border in any Brexit deal.

Developing North South Co-Operation

North South co-operation in areas like health services, transport, education, attracting investment and tourism is vital in realising the economic and social potential of the island. A fresh focus needs to be placed on mutual projects that reduce duplication and enable citizens to use services on both sides of the border.

Tackling Sectarianism

The plague of sectarianism continues to scar communities across Northern Ireland. We are committed to funding projects that help address the deeply ingrained prejudice that threatens to continue to dominate life in Northern Ireland.

Creating A Vibrant Border Region

Fianna Fáil is committed to establishing a Border Economic Zone. This will be designed to recognise and address the distinct challenges of the border region. This special economic zone will promote joint investment and act as a forum for business operating in the area to attract and retain new industries.

In addition a fully resourced Cross Border Crime Agency must be tasked with tackling criminal activity in the region head on.

Securing An All Island Economy

Utilising untapped potential across the island should be at the heart of economic policy. Joint trade missions and tourism initiatives will help to maximise the productivity of the entire island.

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