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Tackling the housing crisis is an economic, social and moral imperative.

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Ireland is experiencing a serious housing crisis. An acute shortage of supply has led to spiralling rents and rising house prices. Across the country, there are over 90,000 families on the local authority waiting lists while first time buyers are being frozen out of the market by limited supply and credit restrictions. All the while the blight of a new homeless problem has spread through the capital city and across the country.

Tackling the housing crisis is an economic, social and moral imperative. Establishing a credible, fully funded national housing roadmap is a core issue for Fianna Fáil. At the heart of our housing policy is a belief that supporting home ownership, and home security, is good for families, for communities, and for society.

Our strategy for dealing with the housing crisis is based on three interlinked pillars.

Firstly, we will open up clear paths to home ownership for low income households, expanding social housing provision. As a matter of priority we will increase the transfer of housing from NAMA as well as introduce measures to allow families on waiting lists to move into vacant homes, defraying the costs of refurbishment from future rent.

Secondly, our ‘New Deal for Renters’ is a series of steps that will revamp the quality and quantity of dwellings and bolster tenant rights. These measures will strengthen the rental sector, helping to stabilise the housing market and significantly enhance quality of life for 300,000 renters across the country.

Finally, we will take decisive measures to help revitalise private sector construction and house building. We will direct part of the €7bn Strategic Investment Fund to invest in private housing, ease restrictions on planning permissions and reduce development levies to start getting units built where they are needed.

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