Tackling Brexit

The Irish government needs to better prepare for Brexit and ensure that Ireland’s interests are protected.

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A Brexit deal that works for Ireland

Securing a Brexit deal that works for Ireland, the EU and the UK is a core priority for Fianna Fáil. The UK is our nearest neighbour; traditionally our largest trading partner and crucially is also co-guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement.

Our histories are interwoven and we share strong economic, political, social and cultural bonds. As a consequence, Ireland stands to be affected by Brexit more so than any other EU member state.

Fianna Fáil is working at national and EU level to a secure a Brexit deal that addresses Ireland’s unique issues and a trading deal that is close as possible to what we have at present.

Fianna Fáil’s plan for a more secure Brexit deal

  1. Safeguard the Good Friday Agreement and the Peace Process

    We will ensure that the Good Friday Agreement and all its associated rights are recognised in full in the final agreement.

  2. Protect businesses and SMEs, north and south

    We will ensure that our businesses and SMEs have the supports and the resources required to deal with Brexit.

  3. Advocate that Northern Ireland is designated as a Special Economic Zone

    We will advocate for Northern Ireland to be designated as a Special Economic Zone

  4. Secure a Free Trade Agreement

    We will work as part of the EU 27 to reach a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between the EU and the UK.

  5. Maintain and improve East-West relations

    We will establish new formal structures for dialogue with the British Government.

  6. Place Ireland at the heart of Europe

    We will continue to be strong advocates for the European Union and Ireland’s place in it.

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